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Full service HEDIS chart abstraction including collection and abstraction in the United States.


  • Experience:  Over 15 years of HEDIS medical record review experience
     - All lines of business, Medicaid, CHIP, Commercial, Medicare and SNP
     - Multi state projects
     - Thousands of medical records abstracted each year

  • Quality: Focused on high quality abstraction
     - Passed all Medical Record Review Validation (MRRV) audits
     - Great working relationship with NCQA audit organizations
     - Focused on increasing HEDIS rates while maintaining accuracy

  • Technology: Web-based HEDIS chart abstraction tool
    - Real-time reporting
     - Automatically calculates numerator compliance
     - Edits and warning messages to assure accurate abstraction

  • Team: Our team makes the difference
      - We create a partnership with our clients
      - All chart review is done in the United States by experienced clinical staff
      - We start working with our clients early to discuss timelines, project goals
        provider issues and desired HEDIS rates  
      - Ongoing analysis of HEDIS Hybrid rates
      - We work with thousands of provider offices to efficiently retrieve all required